The July 20th Gallery
From The Yankee Fan Collection
                   Lefteroo, Brian, YankeeFan, Hobbes, Bernz, Linda, Mickey Charles    Brian, Hobbes, Linda, Mickey, Lefteroo, Bernz, Mr & Mrs Yankee Fan
                          Bernz, Mom-A-matic, Sue & Theresa                                           Yankee Fan, David, Mrs Yankee Fan  (Special To Mark From UK)
                          (rear) Roison, Dierdre and Dierdre's Fiance
Over in the Bernz-a-matic Section
           Here are some pix from Bernie of Sue and Theresa.  If I am not mistaken there seems to be a couple more of the clan in the next row.
Here are a few shots from our July 20th meeting in the Bronx courtesy of DavidL
                               Lefteroo        Brian       Yankeefan        Hobbes        Bernz         Linda     Mickey Charles  Bernz-A-Sister #5 AKA Deirdre
                                               Lefteroo          Brian          Hobbes                              Anthony, LisaP and friends at Stan's