Reggie Rivera

Also known to us all as 7Reggie. I have only fond memories of our dear brother. This tribute is from our hearts and it will be updated as I receive more material. So if you have something to say don't be afraid that you are too late. Or if you want to add or change something, e-mail me.

We have lost a fan, a friend, a family member and a great humanitarian. If you looked up the word friend in the dictionary there would probably be a picture of Reggie right there. If not it would at least be in your mind.

Reggie would give you the shirt off his back and he often did. He went out of his way to help many of us. He never stopped giving. I am a little bit better having known Reggie. God bless you, Reggie and God bless your family.

Phil Speranza Publisher

Mark with Reggie

My best 'Bombers buddy' has been taken away so unfairly and so early in his life. Typically during his illness he requested that I didn't mention it to anyone, but believe me Reggie was so brave and strong throughout. As ever he was only concerned for others. Deepest, deepest sympathy and love to his wife Estelle, and family.

My American brother I will never forget you. I will miss you so much.

Mark UK

I last saw Reggie at the Stadium in December; the day tickets went on sale. He was eagerly looking forward to the upcoming season.
Rest in comfortable peace, Reggie. We miss you dearly.
Amy in NYC

I was stunned. He was a good friend, as I met him at the games a few times over the years. We would e-mail each other often exchanging our upbeat feelings on the Yankees.
His posts on the old, the Behind-the-Bombers, and Yankee Tradition, Message Boards truly reflected his nature. A big-hearted, never say die, person. He really will be missed at the Stadium and on all the forums he posted at.
Louis Dillulo Publisher

I can't believe this news. The Big C takes another good person. I am so glad to have known Reggie. He was such a great guy. Who could ever forget his Yankee flag which he proudly waved in every park? I should have known there was something serious when he didn't make the reunion.
Reggie was the only fan ever elected to the BTB Hall of Fame. This should show anyone what a die-hard Yankee fan he was. Reggie, say Hello to Mickey and Roger and Thurman and Catfish for us.

Like everyone else, I'm in shock. I wondered why yesterday I looked up into the clouds and saw a giant Yankee flag. Reggie, I'm going to miss you, your wonderful enthusiastic posts and your love of all pinstriped things.
To paraphrase a great man and a great fan:
Ms. Sojo

I too am speechless after reading Mark's post. Reggie, I looked for you at Kramden Yards last year and missed the postgame picture with Lefteroo, Dave23, DavidL and Tribefan. But, to post here was to know you and love the amazing energy and spirit you brought to our board. If anyone ever felt the least bit discouraged, your post would make everything alright again. A true Yankee fan and friend of mankind. My deepest sympathy to your family and may God bring the peace that passes all human understanding to blanket them in their grief. There will never be another Yankee glory without remembering your wonderful hat and enthusiasm for our team. Rest in Peace and know that we here at BTB will always miss your contributions.

Dear 7Reggie,
I am at a total loss. This is the saddest news I've
heard in quite some time. What is so amazing is how
quietly you suffered through this terrible illness.
I'll never forget meeting you at Yankee Stadium last
year. You brought your Japanese flag, in honor of
Hideki pitching. I was walking back to my seat and
you shouted, "hey Good Friar, sign my ball". I felt
a huge privilege to be asked to sign a baseball by
the biggest Yankee fan in the Bronx.

I feel proud and fortunate to have met you, Reggie.

The Good Friar

As many of you, I'm in a state of shock. This is just sad news! As Lefty pointed out, I had the opportunity to meet (again) Reggie that one fateful night at Camden Yards last year. At the game, there were two kids. I remember Reggie introducing me to his boy. The other kid I believe was a friend of theirs. Gosh, I remember that kid's smile. My heart goes out to him and the family. Having Reggie there, waving the victory flag as we head out Eutaw Street was even more special. Reggie claimed, "We will win #25". And we did...
I did meet Reggie the year before once again at Camden Yards. We talked about Bernie Williams who we liked a lot. He was of course a very knowledgeable baseball fan. He was truly an enjoyable gentlemen to talk with. Reggie was truly a remarkable Yankee fan. He cared about every one of the players and most importantly, the Yankee fans. He even followed his Yankees on the road trips. People talked about Paul O'Neill about a warrior. I think "Warrior" fits perfectly with Reggie. RIP Reggie.

I too, am shocked and saddened by this unexpected news. Upon reading this, my mind (and heart) immediately revisited that place Bob Sheppard took it to yesterday when he listed the names of some of Whitey's former teammates that have passed on, with "Ave Maria" playing quietly and plaintively in the background. I like to think that Mickey and Joe D and the gang recognize Reggie for the brother that he was, and that he is at peace now that he has joined them. I'll never forget that at last year's reunion, the only time I saw Reggie (and we really didn't talk), in a group of obssessive Yankee (and baseball) fans it was perfectly obvious to all (and it was commented on) who was the most intense fan there. God bless.

I can't believe the sense of loss I have at finding out about the loss of Reggie. I'm was and still am stunned and devastated at the news. I just can't believe it.
My sincere condolences go out to Reggie's family. I feel blessed having gotten to meet and know such a kind a caring man. He would have given you the shirt off his back if you asked. This is a great loss to the Yankee family as well. The Yankees lost a wonderful fan in Reggie but gained another angel in outfield. I can almost see his Yankee flag waving up in heaven.
God Bless you Reggie. I will remember you always.
Rest In Peace. You were truly amazing.

Wow, what a shocking way to start a Monday. Coffee, newspaper, check e-mail, then to BTB. He was such a young guy! I only met him once, but like many of us, I knew him through this community and can say that everything posted about him here is true.
May God bless and keep you close, Reggie. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the Rivera family.


Reggie at Fenway

"Those of us who knew him best talk about him often. I swear, the stuff he 

pulled! Sometimes it makes me sad though, him being gone. I have to remind 

myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged; their feathers are just too 

bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to 

lock them up does rejoice. But still, the place you live in is that much 

more drab and empty that they're gone. I guess I just miss my friend."

--from "The Shawshank Redemption"



Reggie At Camdan

What shocking and sad news! I am glad that I had one opportunity to meet Reggie in person. It was at Kramden Yards last September after the game in which the Yanks clinched the division. As DavidL, Tribefan, Dave #23 and I were leaving the stadium, we stopped to have a group photo taken in front of the Babe Ruth statue on Eutaw Street. All of a sudden, a boisterous group came by waving an enormous Yankee flag, and DavidL yells out, "Hey, it's 7Reggie!!" Reggie stopped to say hello, and he posed with us in front of the statue, and I'm proud to say that I had the chance to hold a corner of his famous Yankee flag while the photo was being taken. I'd love to see that photo back up here at BTB. 7Reggie was a wonderful man who wrote exuberant posts, and from what I've read there was no favor that was too big for him to perform for his friends. God Bless You, Reggie!!!


Words do not adequately describe Reggie "the man"! Wonderful husband, caring father, great friend. We can use them all over and over again but it still doesn't do him justice. I remember when this whole "surfing the web" thing was new to me, Reggie sent me a personal e-mail to give me the links to the New York "rags" so I would never feel "away fromhome".How can anyone forget his true love of ALL of US at the first BTB Reunion that cold January day of 1998? The group photo is on my desk here in the office.
Hangin' out at the Stadium with Reggie was not for the light of heart... I never went on the road with Reggie to Kramden or Fenway...but we've heard the stories...and they are memorable!
His authentic BTB Autographed ball from last year! His fierce Defense of the Yankees front office after the Clemens for Wells deal last year...He was the first to welcome Roger and say thanks to David.
His big Bear Hug last year when I was home on leave at the Stadium!
Too many memories, too short a time on this earth.
Reggie my friend, I will treasure your friendship always, and I'm sorry for the time I let you down. Please forgive me for that.
Tell Mom I send my love.
Reggie, may the Choirs of Angels welcome you with open arms, and, and may God grant you Eternal Peace & Happiness.
Rest In Peace.

CANCER BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie McGuinness

Really horrible news.I've never have a pleasure to meet him in person.I knew him only through his brilliant posts on BTB Forum.He looked, On his Wall of Fame photo, so young and full of life.
BTB Family has just lost young and valuable member.
Rest in peace, Reggie.We will miss you.
Reggie, pozostaniesz na zawsze w naszej pamieci.

I'm just in shock from this horrible news. He was too young for this to happen. We have all lost a dear friend. My deepest condolences to his family. RIP Reggie.

Terribly sad news. One of the most spirited fans ever. Saw him on TV several times waving that huge Yankee flag of his with an ear-to-ear grin. Reggie will see many more Yankee games -- only now with better seats. God Bless him and all those close to him.
Yankin It

 It is incredibly sad that our beloved Reggie has been taken from us. Although I only met the man once, I feel as if I knew him well through his posts here at BTB. His passion for the Yankees mirrored his passion for life, I could tell. Who could ever forget his offer to drive people to and from parties on New Years Eve so that they would not drink and drive? Who could forget Reggie's enthusiasm as he passed around a ball for everyone to sign at the BTB reunion? His posts throughout the years showed so much caring for his fellow man, people he never even met!!! As I have been touched by so many things 7Reggie offered us over the years I too, am touched by the news of his death. My heart is heavy and I know that I will probably think of Reggie whenever I experience great things from the Yankees.


This is just horrible news. I am numb right now. I have come to know so many of you through the years of reading your posts about baseball, life, and everything in just seems so tragic to have lost a real nice person like Reggie. His enthusiasm will be greatly missed. I remember him as ALWAYS putting a good spin on things. He was probably one of the most positive people I have ever encountered.
God I hate this disease.
Pride of the Yankees

This was the worst thing I could ever have imagined to read. I for one was completely unaware of his illness. For the all to brief time (only minutes) that I met him last September, I was impressed by his enthusiasm for life, BTB and the Yankee ballclub. I am tremendously saddened by this news. Perhaps my condolences might be forwarded to his family. Our one and only 7REGGIE will be missed. Baseball and baseball talk will have to wait.
I'll never forget the moment last Sept. 11 when I put my hand through the fence from inside the food court at Yankee Stadium. It was the BTB reunion and I was drawn towards Reggie along with several others.  As I introduced myself, Reggie grasped my hand as if I was his long lost brother.
Then there was the moment when I traveled up to the tier boxes to find all of you.  The ushers were pleading with me to clear the aisle as I stood there in awe waving to and saying hello to the BTB group for the first time. Reggie didn't have to do this but he made sure I signed the game ball as all of you had already done.
I'm going to miss the mix of lower case and CAPS in his posts and his occasional misspelling and misuse of grammar (but who ever cared about that?  Certainly not me or any other 'brother'or 'sister'). I'm going to miss him picking on the MUTTS. We're all going to miss him. I'm sure anyone he may have met along the way as he traveled with Yankee flag in hand about our great Mother Earth is going to miss him. I'm sure he treated all the same.  A rousing greeting, a wide eared grin, a bear hug and a hearty "GO YANKEES."
Apparently there were very few who knew of his plight. If you (the reader) happened to be one, I commend you for standing by him in his hour of need.
Sometimes a moment lasts a lifetime. However, a lifetime, when compared to all time, is but a brief moment. My moments with Reggie WILL last a lifetime. His moment sadly, was all too brief.
Alan H.

I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet Reggie. His posts will be missed. Condolences to everyone who knew him.
Chris51 (CW)

Please accept my condolences, he will be missed greatly.
Alex Admin

Our thoughts are with you and your friend

I was able to see a few of Reggie's posts and I wish I could have met him as well!
CAYank Admin

It's really hard to respond to you especially when I can't see the screen since the tears are in the way. All I can say is I'll be there and if neither of you can make it, I'll be there for you, too.


He traveled from Camden to Fenway
Even unfurled the giant Yankee flag over at Shea
A generous man and a friend
A true-blue Yankee fan till the end

Reggie, we salute you this day


7Reggie was truly a knowledgable fan and had to be a remarkable human being for so many to pay homage at this unfortunate time. May you rest in peace 7Reggie. You will be missed. May God comfort your family, friends and loved ones and may their happy memories of you never fade...
CTYankee Peter (

 My prayers are for 7Reggie and his family. He will be sorely missed by all fans of baseball. He was an excellent contributor on this forum. We have lost a great Yankee.

Bill Connors (

 So sorry to hear about the loss, I'll pray for him and those that knew him...I'm sure he's behind home plate in Yankee Heaven (God Bless with utmost respect and condolences from this yankee fan in Hingham, MA)


 My condolences to Reggie and his family!

The King (

 How terrible. I am in total shock. I never had the opportunity to meet him or anything like that, but I do feel as if I knew him through his posts. It's funny how you don't realize how people touch your life until something like this happens.

Yanxfan (

 Yes. I enjoyed Reggie's posts very much. This is sad news indeed.

Jake Cebula(

 I just got back from vacation and opened my email. Saw your subject: "Sad News." Inevitably, thought one of the BTB'ers parents, or grandparents was ill or passed away. Thought "Oh no, not again." But, then I read your email and I had to re-read it. Knew I misread it. Had to have misread it. Lump in throat with realization that I hadn't misread it.
7Reggie was and will always be a wonderful example of how great humankind can be. Everyone has a 7Reggie goes mine.
Our second BTB reunion, July 1998. Sitting in Louis' seats. First time Anthony met all of you. 7Reggie sneaks up behind us and bear hugs me and says "Hey, LisaP. I'm so happy to see you." I hug him back. Big, big man with a bigger heart. We laugh and rant about how the Yanks are gonna destroy Detroit(think it was Detroit) that night. I introduce him to Anthony as 7Reggie. They shake hands and Reggie leaves to go to his seat. Anthony asks what 7Reggie's real name is. I say "7Reggie."
Never knew him as anything else. Anthony laughs and says "that's cool." Anthony yells to 7Reggie, "Hey, what's your real name?" Reggie replies, "Go Yankees!"
Seems kinda trite now, but it was very funny when it happened.

They say that God takes the good people because they deserve to be in Heaven. I believe in God and I believe that He handpicked Reggie so that Reggie could have the best view of his beloved Yankees playing. Reggie's death is our loss, and Heaven's gain.

 Cancer sucks.

Last but not least ...

This is in remembrance of a fallen Yankee.
Not just a Yankee Fan, but a Yankee.
Many of us cannot hit a major league pitch.
We cannot spear a sizzling liner or run down a ball in the alley.
We cannot beat a catcher's throw to second.
We were just destined to be on the other side of the railing.
But, at times, there rises up from among us
One who crosses the threshold beyond fandom
To fill that twenty-sixth spot on the roster.
He might not suit up.  He might not take the field.
But his soul is invested in every pitch
In every crack of the bat, in good times and in bad.
He rallies the rest of us when the team is slumping.
He celebrates more than any of us do.
He brings his loudest cheers to the opponent's park.
No one that has worn the stripes has had a bigger heart for the team.
This is no mere Yankee fan.
This is a true Yankee.
And now he has left us.
Following the great ones.
To a place where now he can hit the cover off a ball like his buddy Lou
And shag flies in the Old Stadium outfield with Joe
And beat those throws to first like the Mick used to do
While Casey watches from the top step.
Maybe today he'll take some battery tips from Catfish and Thurm and then,
On the way to the club house, get a slap on the back from the Babe,
Who'll say , "How ya doin', kid?"
His heart was always on the other side of the railing
But now he's allowed on the grass,
Between the foul lines.
Digging in at the plate.
He looks so good in pinstripes.
And while the pitcher leans over to get the sign
The number 463 is revealed over his back in big white numerals.
Maybe Reggie will call his shot this time.
Or maybe, like his namesake,
He'll hit three in a row on three straight pitches against the Dodgers.
For us at BTB, he will always be our own dear 7Reggie.
Our straw that stirred the drink.
Take care, kind and gentle man.
Take care, friend.
Take care, Yankee.
We love you and we'll never forget you.
Now get up there and take your hacks.
Good eye, Reggie, good eye!

BTB's Loss Is Heaven's Gain