July 20, 2002


Photo By Brian Bechelli

Well Bomber Buddies just got back from our 2002 reunion.  Guess what?  We won!  It took 11 innings and we gave back a 4 run lead but we had some timely hitting and pulled it out. 

It was great to see the gang again; sorry we missed those of us who never made it up to Uppermost Level Section 14.  Special thanks go out to our Brian Bechelli for doing the footwork once again.  A special treat this year was the attendance of Estelle and young Michael Rivera, the wife and son of our dear departed 7Reggie, it was great to finally meet them face-to-face.  Reggie would have been proud to see his young offspring display his infamous Yankee Flag while singing New York, New York. 

Now please forgive me if I miss a name or photo.  There was Zbisal who made the long trek from Poland.  He flew in on Monday and made both Detroit games as well as a visit to that other stadium in Flushing.  MarkUK was again on hand and The Good Friar came in from the left coast, a BTB welcome to his friend Chris. 

My party was the same as last reunion featuring Maureen, Caity and John.  We were treated to three generations of Lefteroos and Lefteroo’s dad made his first reunion appearance.  David and Maggie were back and Dave23 brought his family to the Bronx. Direct from Cleveland was Tribefan.  Athough he didn't travel as far as TF or Good Friar nobody an beat the baseball mind of Yankeefan Bill.

The Bernz clan was on hand as were the Brooklyn Bomber and BB Jr.  Knuckles and Sue were there to take “charge”.  AlanH and Special K were as dapper as ever.  Finally Hobbes had returned to the Bronx and he brought along his lovely fiancée and there wasn’t even a birthday today although I think DavidL’s is coming up.  Norkee and Norkee Jr (who is growing taller as you read this) were one of the first to arrive.

It wouldn’t be a reunion without SueT and she was there.  She tried to confuse me by changing her clothes but couldn’t pull one over on me.  YankeeLex was on hand fresh from college and enjoying the stadium on her summer break.  Our host for the day Brian and AmyNYC, OK Brian was that #9 for Roger or Graig? 

As for the game it ended they way we would want but I wish we would just go out and not make it so interesting.  Next year Bernie has order a Yankee blowout.  Nice to see all my friends again.  Good Friends, nice weather and a Yankee win.  What more can you ask for?


Have photos you want to add?  Send them to me  If I missed or mispelled any names let me know as well.