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Harvey Frommer is the author of 34 sports books,  including "The New York Yankee Encyclopedia, "Shoeless  Joe and Ragtime Baseball," "Growing Up Baseball" with Frederic J. Frommer, "Rickey and Robinson," and "A Yankee Century.”

Frederic J. Frommer is an Associated Press correspondent based in Washington, D.C. This is his second book.

Red Sox Vs. Yankees
The Great Rivalry
By Harvey Frommer
and Frederic J. Frommer

A Baseball Book Review
By Phil Speranza

Not since the Hattfields and McCoys has there been a rivalry that is so intense that you can cut it with a knife.  And this rivalry seems to get stronger and stronger every year.  You have your Yankees-Mets, Giants-Dodgers, Cubs-White Sox, Rangers and Islanders; I can go on and on.  Year in and year out, no matter what position the teams hold in the standings, whether the Yankees are following the Red Sox or the Red Sox are behind the Bombers there is that little bit extra that makes those two team top drawer.

There were several books that were written on the subject in whole or in part.  Harvey and Frederic J. Frommer have a hit on their hands, maybe even extra bases.  Harvey Frommer a baseball and Yankee fan living in New England is an author of over 33 sports books.  He teams up with his son Frederic J. Frommer, a political author with the Associated Press to share their own experiences and collect scores of others.  They put them all together in a beautiful hardcover coffee table book for us all to enjoy. 

Rarely do I read a book cover to cover in such a small time period but this book leaves you asking for more and more.  In all my days I have never seen a book that captured that rivalry the way this one does.  This book covers it from every perspective (with a slight slant towards the Yankees). 

This book gives a day-by-day, month-by-month, decade-by-decade chronological calendar of every event that has built up the friction that exists between these two teams and their fans.  It tops it all off with a detailed recap of the 2003 ALCS.  It is the ultimate stage for the great competition between the two clubs. 

What book on this subject wouldn’t cover the 1978 season?  This one takes you from when the Yankees trailed the Sox by 14 games in August right through to the Bucky Dent home run in the AL East tiebreaker. It rekindles each and every memory that you have tucked away of that monumental season.  It goes into detail of the teams’ histories as well as the background of two of the finest Stadiums in baseball history.  Behind every great ballpark is a great player (or two dozen) and what two better players exemplify the traditions of their respective teams than Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams?  And the Frommers present them both in classy fashion. 

There is a chapter called the Marker Games, which highlights some of the classic confrontations of the bitter rivals.  That brings me to what is my favorite part of the book.  It is the recollections of the rivalry by the people that watched, covered and played them.  Not only are there celebrities, writers and former players but also there are fans just like you and I.  Fans, celebrities and players from both sides of the fence share their memories with us, both happy and not so happy.  You will see names like Don Zimmer, Ralph Houk, Willie Randolph, Dwight Evans, Mike Stanley just to name a few of the players and coaches.  Politicians like America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former governors Mario Cuomo (NY) and Michael Dukakis (Mass), former White House press secretary Ari Fleisher and many more.  Best of all there are fans, Boston Fans and New York Fans.  It is like a good bar argument without the fear of getting beer spilled on you.

And what great photos!!  Color, Black and White, Classic, Today, you can spend hours looking at the pictures alone.

This book is a must for Yankees, Red Sox and Baseball fans alike.  It will definitely clear away a few of those cobwebs.  It will bring out your own stories, make you remember where your were when Bucky Dent hit “the” home run (or if you a Boston fan, Bucky “effing” Dent).  I would rate this book in the top five Yankee books that I have read.  I suspect the Frommer name might be on a couple more on my list.